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Extensive database of salespeople

System attracts candidates from social media, Google, targeted databases and number of other sources.

Currently Hunters database has thousands of candidates for real estate.


Pre-qualified candidates

All candidates complete a salesman test, which assesses their salesman potential.

At this stage, additional relevant information about the candidate is being obtained (type of education, preferred salary type, sales experience, presence of driver license, etc.)


Lead market

Pick and choose Candidate Leads one by one in order to select the best matching candidates for your agency and system will invite them for interview.

In addition, Leads Order feature allows you to setup a custom made candidate profile and order any amount of New Candidate Leads directly to your account.


Registration to interview

Candidates register to interview times scheduled by managers and recruiters.

All process is fully automated and usually does not require involvement of recruiter.

Ozan Batıgün
Broker/Owner @ RE/MAX Biz (Turkey)
"Hunters is by far the best recruitment tool for Real Estate Sector, so do not waste your money on Job Boards as they provide nothing."
Agne Seibokiene
HR manager @ RE/MAX Apex (Lithuania)
"Hunters provides a constant flow of new candidate leads which can be managed according to the company needs. This eventually helps to plan company's growth as well as manage related costs."
Since 2015 Hunters has helped hundreds of salespeople to land jobs across the Europe.
France Germany Netherlands Iatly Austria Portugal Luxembourg Lithuania Estonia Turkey